Monday, November 3, 2008

Tweetle Beatles

In our house the Beatles are now The Tweetle Beatles. And we listen to them a lot. O has taking a liking to Yellow Submarine in particular. After only hearing it a couple times, I heard her singing it in the bathtub. These are the moments that make you so proud to be a parent. I showed O a picture of all The Tweetle Beatles. I pointed to them and told her their names. She said "I like Paul and Ringo, but I don't like John and George". A couple weeks later, she admitted that she did indeed like John and George. I was relieved.
O's second favorite Beatle song is "Come Together" which is pretty high up on my personal favorite list. She requested it by saying "the one that goes like this"... and then she made similar soundeffects to the very great opening rift. It was very cool.
I made an MP3 CD for the car of all the albums I have by them and we listen to that as we drive. I am blown away with how many songs I love. Through this very hectic, stressful time, The Tweetle Beatles have given me some outstanding moments of peace and enjoyment.

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