Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7th

5 years ago today something amazing happened to me and Todd. We had Olivea. As amazing as it was, it was not the happiest or best day of my life. Rather it was the beginning of a whole set of happiest and best days, moments, months, years.

It was a scary day. I was terrified of that little baby. I didn't want to hold her in the hospital, afraid I would drop her on that shiny floor and break her. I didn't know how to nurse her, how to calm her, how to hold her. Todd was a natural at holding and soothing her though.

She was so beautiful I could hardly believe it. If I hadn't seen her come from my body, I might have questioned whether they switched babies. And how wonderful that I was given the opportunity to help create life. What an awe inspiring gift that is. With Collette I cherished the whole proccess more because Olivea had taught me how.

Olivea is so beautiful, creative, funny, smart, and strong. She has passion for so many things-art, unicorns, dinosaurs, elephants, music. She loves her grandparents, her cousins, her aunts and uncles, and us. And Angry Birds.
Happy Birthday my beautiful girl. I love you super duper tons.