Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why don't they release Carribean Sunset on CD?

Olivea changed the name of her little people barn animals. They are now named after the characters from the movie Babe. I guess that is more appropriate then the names Todd and I gave them. We named them after the characters from "The Shield".

Nigel is on a diet. He needs to lose 4 pounds.

My plants are so happy it rained. Except for Sideshow Bob, he fell over in the wind. He seems okay luckily.

I've got 200 pages left to read in The Brothers Karamazov. If Si was a character in the novel, his middle name would be something like Barryvich and mine would be Barryovna.

I waited and was so excited to get my new Scentsy fragrances and plug in. I picked the plug in especially for the bathroom. And then when I get it, go to plug it in, see that all my bathroom outlets are upside down! I was so bummed I could have cried, but amazingly I didn't. Least the bedroom smells citrusy good now.

Leonard Nimoy really makes me think.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I wish I had a dressing table. One with a little chair. That you could line all your brushes and makeup on. Not the bathroom, where everyone goes, where you have to stow away as much of your personal effects as possible. No, to sit and brush your hair in front of a mirror, look at a picture taped to the mirror of Elvis Costello from his "Armed Forces" Days. It would be nice to have a space dedicated soley to the upkeep of your own beauty, whatever level that beauty be.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 7, 2009

Yesterday was a very important day. First, the cutest little boy in the world turned 1. Second, Leonard Cohen finally came to town again. And I got to be there. The amazing 74 year old played for almost 3 hours. His band was fabulous and he was sublime. If I could do justice to the magic and beauty of the night in my words, then I would. But alas, it is not so. So just listen to some Leonard.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

3 years deserves more words, how about a picture

My little girl is turning 3. She is so much fun. The other day while riding in the car, "Goodday Sunshine" came on and she screamed. I looked back and she had her hand in front of her mouth, perfect impression of a girl with Beatlemania. She has never seen any footage of such hysteria, it just came naturally.
She is always asking "why?" these days. I have heard about this phase. Sometimes it is fun to try to explain concepts to her, other times it is very challenging. I need to brush up on my philosophy. The best part is when I challenge her to answer her own question. She is pretty astute and often very funny. Why indeed.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Take them for Granite

White and black.
White and blue.
White and brindl.
I've lost you.

Safe haven from my sad, mad confusion
with music, movement, temperature control.
Smiling muzzle, tongue at the ready,
sneeze inevitable if you roll.

Stolen from me to return in nick of time.
My great birthday present that I left behind.

Memories of friends within it,
concerts, trips, fast food meals.
Driving, singing, laughing, talking,
multi-tasking at the wheel.

Jumping to hit a balloon,
fetching Mexican cactus,
Knucky making sure
on walks he never passed us.

Thirteen years, Sentra you served me well.
I even got to bid you a good farewell.

Javy you let me pet you,
without trying to lick me,
and I knew, but didn't want to believe,
that you would soon leave me.

I've realized I counted on your hearty love.

Your presence was such a rock,
It's absence has made me weaker.

I love you lotion fearer,
the incredible licking machine,
tufts of white hair everywhere,
sweetest dog I've ever seen.