Thursday, May 15, 2008

Signature by Eklay

A kitchen sink. Something you take for granted most of the time. Until you are faced with a torn up wall that you can't just pour sour milk or warm water on.
So I honor the kitchen sink because for over three weeks I had that wall. And where was my lovely brand new sink Todd had put in 2 months before? It was taking up half the patio waiting for the insurance adjuster to look at it and say "we can't pay for this type of leak".
Praise the kitchen sink. The garbage disposal, so convienent, so efficient. Counter tops, how I needed you, missed you, longed for your workspace. Thank you microwave for coming through in the clutch, but steamer, blender, stove, and oven.... you are so beautiful to me. No more eating only one meal a day because I didn't want to gain 10 pounds on all the fast food. Vegetables, welcome back.
Maybe now I will find the courage to drink my desired amount of water rather than turning to Coke in desperation. That water bottle that taunts me, "you will feel better if you drink me". No, I cry, can't someone else make me feel better, why do I have to do something? With the strength of multi-grain tortillas, fruit, and light sour cream, maybe I will feel less like a ball of chaos.