Thursday, January 8, 2009

Take them for Granite

White and black.
White and blue.
White and brindl.
I've lost you.

Safe haven from my sad, mad confusion
with music, movement, temperature control.
Smiling muzzle, tongue at the ready,
sneeze inevitable if you roll.

Stolen from me to return in nick of time.
My great birthday present that I left behind.

Memories of friends within it,
concerts, trips, fast food meals.
Driving, singing, laughing, talking,
multi-tasking at the wheel.

Jumping to hit a balloon,
fetching Mexican cactus,
Knucky making sure
on walks he never passed us.

Thirteen years, Sentra you served me well.
I even got to bid you a good farewell.

Javy you let me pet you,
without trying to lick me,
and I knew, but didn't want to believe,
that you would soon leave me.

I've realized I counted on your hearty love.

Your presence was such a rock,
It's absence has made me weaker.

I love you lotion fearer,
the incredible licking machine,
tufts of white hair everywhere,
sweetest dog I've ever seen.