Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our Show- The Shield

The Shield ended last night. Todd started watching it with me during the second season. Then we got the complete first and second seasons and watched them to be all caught up. Since then we have been loyal viewers of this intense, upsetting, and fun show. We have waited up to a year and a half between seasons, we have stayed up way past when we should go to bed, we have endured seeing extremely uncomfortable, not the least bit sexy, nudity. I stormed through the house in fury when Curtis got grenaded, cringed through every scene when Dutch was dating Corrine, and had some great after discussions with Todd addressing Vic's tactics.
I love that Todd watched it with me. That we had that to look forward to together. I am sad for that reason to see it go. But I'm relieved to have some closure to the story of the Barn and all the characters I've loved and shaken my head at over the years.

Favorite Character- Lem, then Ronnie, my poor betrayed guys
Favorite Episode- Early on, when Claudette and Vic are paired up and Dutch is with Shane
Favorite Captain- Monica Rawling (Glenn Close) What an awesome leader.
Favorite Season- Season 4, with Glenn Close, Mackey actually tries to be good
Stupid Award- Shane-could you have made one intelligent decision in your life?
Favorite Villian- Armadillo was pretty scary
Love to Hate- Aceveda, the total Politician
Favorite tension breaker - Billings
Didn't expect that - Mackey didn't hook up with Olivia.

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