Friday, March 19, 2010

The Great Debate

There is one thing that I've wanted to talk about for some time. Something I feel very strongly about. Shower Curtains. I love them. I want one. In the debate between shower curtains and shower doors, the curtain wins hands down.
Washing- Shower curtain goes in the washer. Done.
Shower door requires scrubbing and chemicals and extra effort in cleaning that horrible track. How I loathe that track. I have an added problem- Whoever caulked everything in our house used Mildew friendly caulk. Once its there, it does not leave until you scrape off the caulk. Shower door also makes it harder to scrub the tub because you have to do it in halves. Limited access.
Bathing Children- With the shower door, you can only see half the tub. Shower door does earn a point here for blocking splashing. When child is young enough that you have to wash them, shower door seriously impedes mobility. Shower curtain draws back to allow easy access to child and can partially shield splashes.
Appearance- Shower curtain allows you to change the tone of your bathroom so easily. Just buy a new shower curtain with different colors. Lighten, darken, make more whimsical, oh shower curtain you are great. Shower door is boring. The only thing I like about our shower door is the mirror on one side that gives a full length mirror in the bathroom. Not worth all the other problems shower door has.
Space- Some shower doors give more room in small tubs. But ours would easily leave plenty of room to have a beautiful shower curtain.

Shower doors are easily removable. Curtain rods easily attached. Lianna and I dismantled the door at Grandma Nina's and she removed her hideous shower door at her new place. But I made a deal that I would live with this shower door. A foolish deal that I have kept. I walk down the shower curtain aisles in stores and wish. Someday.