Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Warp Engines Mr. Candy

At work we process. We stand at machines and sort money into denominations. It might sound like dull work, but I like it. You get to challenge yourself to go faster and on Sunday mornings we get to listen to 94.9 New Wave Nation for 3 hours. And sometimes you work with a crew that makes you feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself.
I had this feeling three days ago. Matt's machine was directly on my left and John's was directly behind me. We were a triangular ship and I felt like captain Kirk, leading the crew. I had set a challenge to try to finish before coin, but I did not tell anyone else. But John seemed to be running faster than he normally does, and Matt wouldn't go on lunch. We didn't beat coin, but I did find out Matt had the same goal.
I remember prep days at Bullwinkles with Dustin. We had that ability to work together efficiently without having to actually talk to each other. I find I can do this with both Matt and Germayne in the vault. It is possible mostly because we all know the processes and what order they go, but still working in conjuction with another person while you stay in your own "zone" is such a cool feeling. You feel understood and yet completely hidden.

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smish said...

200 small cheese pizza before 11am. Press, dock, pan, sauce, cheese, oven, cut, box. It was like a dance, together in motion but stay out of each others way.