Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bored by Dreams

I had this dream right before I woke up that I had been transported to this place where people have perspective problems. I know I was there for two reasons, but I can’t remember the second one. The first one, strangely enough, was that I played too much volleyball and set too much importance to it. Obviously a dream. But I met other people that were so preoccupied with things in their lives, they had forgotten other important things. I met a mother who just obsessed over one of her kids, a guy who was married with kids, but still wasn’t over his ex-girlfriend, and a whole group obsessed with volleyball, just like me. So my group started to play. You would think if we were so obsessed that we actually would know how to play! I was trying to get someone to be the setter, but it was just chaos, everyone trying to hit every ball. So I walked away and decided I belonged back in the real world. As I was leaving I met a girl that was just crazy about soccer. She had a boyfriend, but was constantly blowing him off to play soccer. I told her I was leaving and said, let's go. But she didn't want to leave, she thought the place was perfect, she got to play soccer all the time. I left her and passed a room of people lining up to get into this place. I saw a tall lady that had no face, I saw and old friend from church, I even saw one of my distant relatives. I passed by and hugged some of these people, trying to convey a blessing for quick release from this form of prison. Then I traveled over the ocean and came home, cured of my volleyball fanatasism and so cured of my other obsession, I couldn't even remember it anymore.

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Sidemoss said...

I could see having that dream. I normally play volleyball twice a week. And when city league starts, I will play three times a week. But I can see how other priorities might start to encroach upon that.