Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Of course, it's got Coke in the title

I was listening to Gordon Downie yesterday on my way home from work. He sings a song with the reframe "he couldn't elaborate". At one point he stretches out e-la-bor-ate. Elaborate is a word describing communicating. O is speaking in sentences now. She has the basic concepts of speech. This is called this, I am called this, simple verbs, some good adjectives. As I was driving I was thinking of the depth speech is able to achieve. No solid object for elaborate, just a concept, a concept about expressing concepts. I love words and the layering a good sentence is capable of. I love reading my college essays and not understanding my own sentences, what I was trying to convey. It reminds me of the suffering I put myself through trying to attain greatness in every sentence. The total inability to understand my own thoughts shows I failed completely. For some reason this is comforting and enjoyable for me.

Gordon Downie's "Coke Machine Glow" is a great album. Unlike his band "The Tragically Hip" in many ways, this solo album is mellow and beautiful. Vancouver Divorce has one of the best lyrics ever. "I've found the end of the world of course, but its not the end of the world, of course." Listen to this song. It is wonderful.

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