Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thinking about 2009. Some major highlights that should be noted.
One of the best things about 2009 was Silas, Amy, and Drew making the California trip so many times. We were unable to make it up to Utah this year, but they did the traveling for us. Thanks guys! I know it isn't easy or cheap but seeing you is such a blessing.
Another wonderful thing was getting in touch with a bunch of friends that I haven't seen or heard from in years. Andrea and Brock, Amy Britsas, and Ana just to name the A's on the list. It makes me smile so big to be able to reach out and say hi to people who have meant so much in my life.
Another set of people who make me smile is Dr. Buehller and the staff of nurses that saved my dad's life in April. Thanks so deep to them. What remarkable people we were blessed to meet. The quick thinking, the compassion, and the professionalism of the Scripps staff amazed me. I know hospital care isn't always like that, but thank our heavenly father this time it was.
Beach day every Thursday with the weekly and guest celebrities. Inny and outy in the ocean until Olivea started swimming in the bay. Elora learning her beach ropes early and Drew loving the sand. Thanks Grandma Cakey and Grandpa Barry for making it possible and so much fun.
The Embleton family reunion. I didn't get to visit with as many of the cousins I would have liked due to watching my own kid and wanting to spend enough time with Drew. But it sure was fun and amazing to see the "kids" as young adults. Luckily mom and I got to have a good visit with Ana, Mary and Debbie a couple weeks prior to the reunion. That trip was great too, seeing them and also seeing my awesome friend Denise get married.
Tuesday lunch with Lianna was a weekly highlight. What would I do without my awesome best friend? and Perry's frittatas?
I'm grateful for my job and the friends I've made there. The free passes are sweet too.
Todd and Olivea are the best part of any year and hopefully soon, Drippy Drappy will join us.

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