Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why don't they release Carribean Sunset on CD?

Olivea changed the name of her little people barn animals. They are now named after the characters from the movie Babe. I guess that is more appropriate then the names Todd and I gave them. We named them after the characters from "The Shield".

Nigel is on a diet. He needs to lose 4 pounds.

My plants are so happy it rained. Except for Sideshow Bob, he fell over in the wind. He seems okay luckily.

I've got 200 pages left to read in The Brothers Karamazov. If Si was a character in the novel, his middle name would be something like Barryvich and mine would be Barryovna.

I waited and was so excited to get my new Scentsy fragrances and plug in. I picked the plug in especially for the bathroom. And then when I get it, go to plug it in, see that all my bathroom outlets are upside down! I was so bummed I could have cried, but amazingly I didn't. Least the bedroom smells citrusy good now.

Leonard Nimoy really makes me think.


Amy said...

LOL! I'm so sorry about your plugs but I think the Scentsy rotates!!

Amy said...

Yes it goes 270 degrees...I just tried it out on mine! Good luck!!!! :)

Fortuna Watt said...

Yeah! It worked. Thank you!