Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sesame Jeep

I think I love Sesame Street as much as Olivea. As a long time fan of the Muppets, love for the Sesame characters is so easy. And there is probably something terribly wrong with me, but I think my favorite is Bert. I don't understand his love for pigeons, but they probably don't remind him of Norma. I think its great how he loves boring things like paperclips and how he takes so long to warm up to Ernie's silliness, but always does.
Every celebrity that does a segment on Sesame Street always goes up a notch in my estimation. Have you heard Robert Deniro laugh like Elmo? Andre Bocceli singing a duet with Elmo is priceless. Now when I hear James Blunt's "Beautiful" I wont flinch, instead I'll think of him singing to his triangle. "An amazing shape". Just like all the cameos in the Muppet Movies, it is so funny to see people take these puppets so seriously and themselves less so.
I like the human cast members as well, excepting all relations of Mr. Noodle(He should be Mr. Creepy- Mime is money). But the others are so cool, and they are all so patient and kind. Maria is my favorite. Always fixing those toasters. Her and Luis make the sweetest couple.
When they cut away from the characters to those little filmed or animated segments, its such a drag. But when they focus on the zany antics of those crazy Sesame Muppets, its good entertainment.

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