Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Moments of O-ness (No relation to Honus)

Olivea named her Giraffe Chucky Sue. She named the little girl in her potty book FooBoo. (I'm not sure that is the correct spelling, I should ask FooBoo's Mom.) She named her two play doggies Sparky and Bluejay. I love that she is creating and pretending.
I woke up last week to hear her over the monitor saying in a great southern accent, "I'm Doc Hopper". This followed by "I'm not Doc Hopper" in normal Olivea accent. I let her see a toy drum at Target and she said "I'll play like Animal". So of course I had to get her the drum. Today in Trader Joe's the checker handed back a Clif bar we were buying. Olivea said thank you then read C, L, I, F and said "that spells Clif".
With all the mess and stress in our lives right now, she still brings out laughter, fun and wonder whenever I'm with her. And I've found someone to watch the Muppet Movie with me. I've almost got the Rainbow Connection memorized, so does she.
These are the awesome benefits of showing up.

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Amy said...

Okay...that is too cute!! I hope Drew is as clever and smart as his cousin O!!!