Sunday, October 21, 2007


Terry molted a couple of weeks ago. She seems to finally be recovering and regaining her spunk. Terry and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary in August. Nigel's nine year anniversary and Javy's thirteenth this past August also. But I'd like to go further back and talk about a pet of the past.

We got Boony on Easter. Her mom tried to bite my Dad when he went to get her. Why would she want to let that adorable pup go? I remember the night we named her, lying on the couches trying to think of just the right name. I'm pretty sure Si came up with Gretel and for some reason at the time it seemed perfect. Her name was to evolve so quickly, that I don't remember us ever calling her Gretel. Soon she was Boony and though derivation were inevitable, Boony stayed the main name.

Boony was terribly cute. Her ears flapped over toward her face in two triangles. Her color was a beautiful light yellow, a color I've rarely seen on other dogs. She was a great height and build too. She was also smart and fun. She used to chase Si and me around, attacking our ankles. But when Dad got in the game, she would automatically team up with the kids. Mom would make cupcakes for her for her birthday. She didn't like lettuce.

My greatest memory of her took place one afternoon in the backyard. We were both sitting on the round picnic table, I was reading. I looked up toward Mount Helix and noticed something looked strange. The black clouds were visibly moving towards us. I could hear the rain as I saw it approaching us. I actually saw the wall of rain move towards us, I believe Boony saw it too. "Run" I cried to her. We jumped off the table at the same time and ran through the atrium, making it through the door just as the rain reached it. I sat on the steps with Boony and it felt like we were laughing together as we heard the rain pound on the roof. It was wonderful how I knew she understood what happened just as well as I had, that she was excited and silly just like me.


Sidemoss said...

Ah yes. Boony... She was a great dog. She helped define greatness. Harriet had the crazy charisma, but Boony had the style and refinement. She was able to be a sort of dog to look up to.

My favourite memory of her was her climbing the ladder to get on the roof. I don't remember if she actually made it up to the roof. I think she did. I think I remember Dad having to carry her down because there was no way she was getting back down.

Fortuna Watt said...

Yeah, she made to the roof several times I think. That was amazing seeing her climb that ladder. Anything to get to Dad and be part of the scene. Sounds like Knucky!